Stories, Art and Play


Stories, Art and Play is a preschool/kindergarten program where children use a variety of mixed-media materials to create their individual expressive artwork. At the beginning of each class students have the opportunity to free draw from their own imagination. Free draw is a way to warm up and get ready for the creative experience. Markers and large white paper are put out so each child can begin drawing as soon as they arrive. A story is read from a wonderfully illustrated children's book to begin each lesson. Famous artists are also introduced along with materials and the creative process begins. This open ended art curriculum celebrates individuality and free expression.

After School Art Club


The Joy of the Masters.

The afterschool art club is designed  with the school age child in mind. Using the ideas and techniques of each artist we will explore our individual style as we learn from the masters! We will discover the playfulness of Picasso, the vision of O'Keeffe  and the musicality of Kandinsky's paintings, to name a few. A new artist will be introduced each week.


Build and Create


For, builders, creators and thinkers! This class explores construction in and outside of the box. We will use paper engineering, wood, mixed media,  and found objects to build and create small works of art. We'll be inspired by artists David Carter, Alexander Calder, Louis Nevelson, Joseph Cornell and more.



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