The Art of Play


We will slow down our pace, take a breath, pick up a paintbrush, draw with oil pastels, cut and paste paper collages and more importantly play. Experience the freedom and joy of creativity as you have fun connecting with your creative self. Warm-up exercises to get the creative juices flowing and a new project every week. No experience is necessary, just arrive and be ready to have fun!


The Joy/Vision Board


Start the year with a fresh look into your joys, passions and goals. We will create a Joy board from images gathered from art cards, magazines etc.; collaging  on a large board the results will surprise you. Join this one day workshop. All materials are included.


Altered Book Workshops


Experience the new art form of altered books. Beginning with your own book (children's book, coffee-table book etc.) you will alter your book page by page, to create your individual art piece. Be prepared to cut, paste, paint, stamp and alter your book to create your own art piece. A variety of methods will be demonstrated. Many examples will be provided. No experience is necessary! Most materials are included.


Facilitating Creativity in Art Education


In this workshop, educators will explore the methodology of The Joy of Creativity art program. This instructional method utilizes children’s literature as the introduction for each art lesson. Participants will explore how books highlighting engaging and diverse illustrations, text, and ideas are chosen, and will gain an understanding of the importance of supporting individual creativity and problem solving while introducing children to art movements, artists, and art methods.


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